Jr Dog Handler Camp

Our first Jr Dog Handler Camp session is in full swing! The next 4-day camp session is full and will be held July 8 – 11.

2.5 hour sessions each day: 10 am – 12:30 pm
For children ages 9-15
Limited to 6 campers per session

Watch for further Jr Dog Handler Camps… we are adding sessions that will include older campers as well.

Francesca and Gypsy

Sol Dog Lodge Classes

Puppy Social Obedience is a group class experience for pups who are all similar in youthful age.  We will teach basic commands, getting your pup comfortable with a leash, and accepting the human world with positivity.

Adult Dog Enrichment Obedience Class will help you form a bond with your dog through obedience: learn how to gently, but firmly, walk with your dog, learn how to apply the “place” command, build your dog’s confidence through basic agility games, how to engage and teach your dog through rewards.

Adult Dog Enrichment Obedience Class – level 2 will take the foundation from the first class and introduce real life distractions and a less controlled environment.  Learn multiple ways to retain your dog’s engagement and redirect their attention.  More leash and walking exercises and positive associations out in public.

Micro Play Groups have small numbers to ensure a good experience.  Once a week promote healthy play time between appropriately paired dogs.  Trainer manages and supervises this hour long session.

Sensitive Dog Package combines our dog trainer and groomer’s expertise to build your dog’s confidence and trust to make the grooming process easier and more enjoyable.

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Would you like to communicate more clearly with your Dog?

Would you like to have a deeper connection with your Dog?

Can you read your dog’s emotions and stress levels – before they escalate?

Call for dates and times of the next class.

This class specifically created for the human. You. This is not a dog training class. This is a people training class that brings humans and animals together for the benefit of both.

Pic of Massage

These classes will teach “Relationship Training” to improve the two-way communication between people and the animals who share their lives. The Human-Animal Connection is an experiential educational program that helps humans and animals reduce stress and increase important connections. This method is based on 33 Principles of gentle and respectful relationships with animals. You will learn to use 100% positive training techniques and over twelve healing methods; some involve touch, others require no contact.

The classes are taught by The Human-Animal Connection’s Executive Director Genie Joseph, PhD.

The cost of the class is $70 for two people. An additional person is $10.To get more information or enroll in the training please call Shelley at (520) 345-0075 or email [email protected]

Let us teach your child safe skills with dogs, their own and others

This is a class made for kids! They will learn how to build deeper and stronger  relationships with their own pets at home.

Key takeaways include how to safely socialize with stranger dogs, friends, and family dogs. We will teach intro commands like sit, down and place.

dog with kid

Class is 45min — 1hour long

• Sol Dog will have chosen demo dogs available for interactive handling and learning

• Sol Dog provides the dogs and you provide the kids!

Please reach out to Sol Dog Lodge at 520.345.0075

or [email protected] for more information.

Sol Dog Lodge Offers

Dog Training For Puppies

Start Your Pup Off on the Right Paw with Sol Dog’s Puppy Play and Learn Class Begins every other month for Six Weeks


You will learn:

• Appropriate puppy play and social behavior
• How to re-direct unwanted behavior
• How to reinforce good social behavior
• How to settle an over-aroused puppy
• How to control and train your puppy during distractions
• Safe socialization with opportunities for real-life practice

This class provides a basic behavioral foundation for your puppy to practice proper behavior as you gain training knowledge that can be fine-tuned and increased in complexity as your dog ages.

The classes will be taught by Francesca Alonzo & Gail B. Smith

Taught by two trainers, the initial class will begin with: house management – how to set up a safe home, use baby gates and introduce proper toys. The class will expand to address isolation distress (aka separation anxiety), preparing for a first grooming experience and resource guarding (where the puppy growls, bites, or lunges at a person or dog over food or toys.

Positive reinforcement and a light, fun approach will guide your puppy to confident, calm behavior while building bonds with you by introducing new  sounds, touches, and surprises.

To register or ask any questions, send an email to: [email protected]

Cost: $225 (scholarships are available for dogs adopted from PACC)
Age: 8-14 weeks old
Days: Monday evenings
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Length: Six weeks/one hour lessons
9665 N. Thornydale, #140B
Register by emailing us at – [email protected]
Class Limit: Six puppies. Up to two owners may accompany each pet.

Genie is a dog trainer, with thousands of hours volunteering at various shelters and was previously on the board of the Human-Animal Bond Program at Tripler Army Medical Center (where she was a tester/observer as well as Therapy Dog Team Handler). Her program, The Act Resilient Method has been presented to over 4,000 Service Members, Veterans, and Health Care Providers.

Her team received National Awards for this work, including American Psychological Association (APA), Resilience in the Workplace at Tripler, and President Obama’s Volunteer Service Award. Her new book The Human-Animal Connection – How Loving Animals Makes Us Better People will be available at the end of the year.

Lucy leaves
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