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sol dog lodge and training center - 1895 w prince rd

We provide effective and affordable boarding and training  services.  Sol Dog Lodge is committed to helping you build and maintain a balanced, enjoyable relationship with your dog. Our highly effective philosophy and techniques, reflected in all of our canine services, adds value to the lives of dogs and their human families throughout Tucson and the surrounding areas.

New Customer

As a new customer and if this is your first time starting an account with us, please be specific as you can on the services you are requesting. This will help us to respond to your request. Please make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting services. Once we receive your request, please give us up to 24 hours to respond.

Existing Customer

If you are a current customer, well you know the drill, you got this!!!! Please just make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting any new services.

Please review our vaccination and flea/tick requirements. You can upload your Dog’s veterinarian records through our Customer Portal.

Our mission is simple and clear – to support the human and dog bond. Our programs and services are designed to fulfill that mission.
Sol Dog Lodge_Icon-mini Keep dogs in their homes with loving families.

Sol Dog Lodge_Icon-mini Keep dogs out of shelters.

Sol Dog Lodge_Icon-mini Train dogs and their human companions.

Sol Dog Lodge_Icon-mini Provide services and education to the entire community.

Sol Dog Lodge_Icon-mini Provide a community space for all to enjoy and benefit from.

In the summer of 2018, Sol Dog Lodge & Training Center was created when sol.Dog Tucson and Arizona Greyhound Rescue joined forces. There are many reasons for this transition but first and foremost is that we will be BETTER AND STRONGER TOGETHER. As Sol Dog Lodge and Training Center we will be able to serve more dogs and more people. And together we’ll be more self-sufficient and less dependent on donations and grants.