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As a new customer and if this is your first time starting an account with us, please be specific as you can on the services you are requesting. This will help us to respond to your request. Please make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting services. Once we receive your request, please give us up to 24 hours to respond.

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If you are a current customer, well you know the drill, you got this!!!! Please just make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting any new services.

Please review our vaccination and flea/tick requirements. You can upload your Dog’s veterinarian records through our Customer Portal.

Training at sol dog lodge prince road and thornydale

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Sol Dog Lodge trainers draw upon a variety of methods, a flexibility we believe is critical because all dogs are individuals and deserve to be treated as such. Our goal is effective, low-stress training where we work with the dog's natural drives and instincts, not against them. The result is a happy, cooperative dog and an enjoyable training experience for all involved.

While we appreciate the enrichment that traditional obedience can offer, it is not our priority to achieve a perfect sit-stay.

We focus on the dog's emotional state and aim to help them feel comfortable in their own skin. We work to resolve imbalances by instilling confidence, self-control, and through helping your dog develop trust in the people and world around them.

Anxious dogs are often mistaken for being hyperactive or excited. Fearful dogs are often mistaken as being aggressive or stubborn. We can help you understand how to recognize your dog's emotions and what they're trying to communicate. Acknowledging the dog's emotional state helps us give targeted advice to help the dog become confident and comfortable. And once we're speaking a common language, it's much easier to change problem behaviors or teach new ones.

Our goal here at Sol Dog is to continuously educate our community, supporters, and new members about the life changing benefits of a calmer dog, not just an obedient dog. And the rewarding relationship we get to experience with our dog in return is immeasurable.

We have training options available at both the Prince Road location AND the Thornydale/Linda Vista location.

All packages require a behavioral consultation ($100) before the next steps can be scheduled. We have a variety of training packages to fit you and your dog’s needs. These include:

  • soldog bullet Day Train
  • soldog bullet Private Lessons
  • soldog bullet Group Lessons, (Must have a behavioral consultation first, and minimum of 1 private lesson, or trainer recommendation.)
  • soldog bullet Play Groups
  • soldog bullet Training for Kids and their dogs.

For more information about our training programs please reach out to us via email at or 520-886-7411.

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This is no ordinary doggie day care! Sol Dog Lodge DayCamp will challenge your dog both mentally and physically, so they leave balanced, tired and having practiced important skills.

Activities will vary, but this is no “unstructured” day care — we will work to ensure your dog has tons of fun, but also help him or her learn to and practice behaving in a balanced, appropriate way. We offer both full day and half day options. You can purchase a daily pass, or save some money we offer a variety of packages. Check out our DayCamp packages by logging into your account. They are listed under the "Accounts" tab.

If you are a new customer, we require that you start with a Trial Day reservation to make sure our DayCamp is a good fit!

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