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As a new customer and if this is your first time starting an account with us, please be specific as you can on the services you are requesting. This will help us to respond to your request. Please make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting services. Once we receive your request, please give us up to 24 hours to respond.

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If you are a current customer, well you know the drill, you got this!!!! Please just make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting any new services.

Please review our vaccination and flea/tick requirements. You can upload your Dog’s veterinarian records through our Customer Portal.


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Sol Dog Lodge is proud to be a small kennel where your dog will receive individualized care and attention. Our regulars become extended family, and we know all of their preferences and quirks. Unlike many larger kennels that have revolving staff, your dogs will be cared for by the familiar faces of our small team, who they'll come to know as well as we know them.

We also set expectations for the dogs in our care, and ask for and reward your dog for the same good manners you would expect at home. This helps create a calm, structured environment that reduces barking and stress for all of the dogs in our care.

Our kennels are indoors and climate-controlled. We offer both crate and kennel boarding in our 4′ x 6′ runs, each with a raised bed and soft bedding. We also have ProSelect Indestructible Empire Crates for the safety of any escape artist or dog with separation anxiety. We feed your dog to your specifications and can administer supplements and medications, as needed.

All dogs staying with us are taken outdoors a minimum of five times a day to relieve themselves. All dogs staying with us also receive a daily activity session, doing whatever it is that makes them happy and comfortable. One-on-one quiet time or play time with a team member, light training, group play with other dogs, puzzle toys or feeders, slat mill runs, and walks are just some of what we offer.

For all dogs, but most importantly, for the young, energetic, and anxious dogs, we also offer two levels of added exercise and enrichment.

Tier 1 is an additional $10/day and adds an additional session to their day. These sessions average 15-45 minutes, depending on the activity.

Tier 2 is an additional $20/day and adds 2 additional sessions to their day, with a goal of providing a balance of both physical and mental activities (example: walk/play group/obedience training for an energetic dog, or one-on-one time/stuffed kong/sniff walk for an anxious senior.)

Our base rate is $42/night and we offer First Responder/Military and Multiple Pet Discounts. Please click the Customer Login Button or New Customer Registration (above) to schedule your boarding reservation.



As a part of our PAL Club Crew, your dog will get exercise and engage in fun activities during their stay. Activities are chosen based on your dog’s preferences but may include a walk on our treadmills, play time with other dogs, socialization and play time with staff, or other fun activities. We offer a safe spot for your dog to spend the day doing the things your dog loves in an intimate environment. Your dog will have a kennel and bed of their own, and will be monitored and taken out for breaks by staff. We can also give mid-day meals, and administer medications, as needed.

Check out our Paws and Learn Club video

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This is no ordinary doggie day care! Sol Dog Lodge DayCamp will challenge your dog both mentally and physically, so they leave balanced, tired and having practiced important skills.

Activities will vary, but this is no “unstructured” day care — we will work to ensure your dog has tons of fun, but also help him or her learn to and practice behaving in a balanced, appropriate way. We offer both full day and half day options. You can purchase a daily pass, or save some money we offer a variety of packages. Check out our DayCamp packages by logging into your account. They are listed under the "Accounts" tab.

If you are a new customer, we require that you start with a Trial Day reservation to make sure our DayCamp is a good fit!

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