Hearts at Ease

As Sol Dog Lodge expands so will our programs to help our community in many ways.

Our specialized programs reach deep into the community to help all breeds of dogs and their human families. The need in the community is great, many more dogs and people need help than we can provide in our current space. That’s why we are building the new Lodge in Marana. Once we have the expanded space and capacity we’ll be able to go from helping dozens of dogs to helping hundreds each year.

Hearts Together

Through our Hearts Together Board and Train programs, we work closely with rescue and shelter groups as well as with foster and adoptive families throughout the area. We provide behavioral assessment, training and, when needed, re-training, plus boarding services so that dogs – sometimes hard to rehome dogs – can be placed and stay in their forever homes.

At times, family members need a little extra help understanding their dog. Our training programs include helping people learn how to live successfully with their dogs so that life together is healthy, balanced, committed, and enjoyable.

Hearts at Ease Non-Emergency Dog Respite Care

Every year hundreds of dogs are surrendered into local animal shelters due to a temporary crisis in their human family. Our Hearts at Ease programs, developed in partnership with local agencies, will take in dogs temporarily to give much needed peace of mind to:

  • Hospital & hospice patients
  • Individuals affected by domestic violence
  • People in senior living care centers
  • People who need non-emergency dog respite care

Once the crisis is over, humans and the dogs they love can be reunited. Dog owners can rest easy knowing that their best friends will not be lost, abused, or euthanized. By providing a safe and caring environment for these dogs until their human companions can take them back, Sol Dog Lodge is able to reduce the number of dogs going into local animal shelters.

Hearts at Ease- Service and Therapy Dog Program

Dogs can play a special role for people who need some extra help in their daily life. Our Service and Therapy Dog program gives dogs and people a new “leash on life” by matching people with disabilities with a service, emotional support, or residential therapy dog.

Hearts at Ease- Guardian Legacy Program

It is hard to think about what happens to your dog if something unfortunate happens to you. Our program is designed to work with you and your family to put in place a program to protect your dog when you don’t have other family or friends that can step into that role. Our program takes into consideration your specific needs for your dog during this time, and for the future.

How you can help 

Help us continue to support these important programs. Your donation will help dogs and their families who need help during a crisis, or training and placing services dogs, and residential therapy dogs to people in need.

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