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Sol Dog Lodge is committed to helping you build and maintain a balanced, enjoyable relationship with your dog. Our highly effective philosophy and techniques, reflected in all of our canine services, adds value to the lives of dogs and their human families throughout Tucson and the surrounding areas.

New Customer

As a new customer and if this is your first time starting an account with us, please be specific as you can on the services you are requesting. This will help us to respond to your request. Please make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting services. Once we receive your request, please give us up to 24 hours to respond.

Existing Customer

If you are a current customer, well you know the drill, you got this!!!! Please just make sure you sign all of the required Agreements prior to requesting any new services.

Please review our vaccination and flea/tick requirements. You can upload your Dog’s veterinarian records through our Customer Portal.



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Sol Dog Lodge trainers draw upon a variety of methods, a flexibility we believe is critical because all dogs are individuals and deserve to be treated as such. Our goal is effective, low-stress training where we work with the dog's natural drives and instincts, not against them. The result is a happy, cooperative dog and an enjoyable training experience for all involved.

While we appreciate the enrichment that traditional obedience can offer, it is not our priority to achieve a perfect sit-stay.

We focus on the dog's emotional state and aim to help them feel comfortable in their own skin. We work to resolve imbalances by instilling confidence, self-control, and through helping your dog develop trust in the people and world around them.

Anxious dogs are often mistaken for being hyperactive or excited. Fearful dogs are often mistaken as being aggressive or stubborn. We can help you understand how to recognize your dog's emotions and what they're trying to communicate. Acknowledging the dog's emotional state helps us give targeted advice to help the dog become confident and comfortable. And once we're speaking a common language, it's much easier to change problem behaviors or teach new ones.

Our goal here at Sol Dog is to continuously educate our community, supporters, and new members about the life changing benefits of a calmer dog, not just an obedient dog. And the rewarding relationship we get to experience with our dog in return is immeasurable.

We have training options available at both the Prince Road location AND the Thornydale/Linda Vista location.

All packages require a behavioral consultation ($100) before the next steps can be scheduled. We have a variety of training packages to fit you and your dog’s needs. These include:

  • soldog bullet Day Train
  • soldog bullet Private Lessons
  • soldog bullet Group Lessons, (Must have a behavioral consultation first, and minimum of 1 private lesson, or trainer recommendation.)
  • soldog bullet Play Groups
  • soldog bullet Training for Kids and their dogs.

For more information about our training programs please reach out to us via email at or 520-345-0075.



Puppy Social Obedience is a group class experience for pups who are all similar in youthful age.  We will teach basic commands, getting your pup comfortable with a leash, and accepting the human world with positivity.

Adult Dog Enrichment Obedience Class will help you form a bond with your dog through obedience: learn how to gently, but firmly, walk with your dog, learn how to apply the “place” command, build your dog’s confidence through basic agility games, how to engage and teach your dog through rewards.

Adult Dog Enrichment Obedience Class – level 2 will take the foundation from the first class and introduce real life distractions and a less controlled environment.  Learn multiple ways to retain your dog’s engagement and redirect their attention.  More leash and walking exercises and positive associations out in public.

Micro Play Groups have small numbers to ensure a good experience.  Once a week promote healthy play time between appropriately paired dogs.  Trainer manages and supervises this hour long session.



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Sol Dog Lodge is proud to be a small kennel where your dog will receive individualized care and attention. Unlike most kennels that are “unstructured”, we set expectations for the dogs in our care, and ask for and reward your dog for the same good manners you would expect at home. This helps create a calm, structured environment to reduce stress for all the dogs in our care.

Our kennels are indoors and climate-controlled. We offer both crate and kennel boarding in our spacious 4′ x 6′ runs, each with a raised bed. We also have ProSelect Indestructible Empire Crates for the safety of any escape artist or dog with separation anxiety. We feed your dog to your specifications and can administer supplements and medications as needed.

All dogs staying with us are taken outdoors at least four times a day. We have many additional activities for your dog to participate in such as our daily structured playgroups with other dogs, DayBoard and walks, all for an additional fee.

Our daily rates start at $36.00 day and we offer First Responder/Military and multiple dog discounts. Please click the Login Button to schedule your boarding reservation.



As a part of our PAL Club Crew, your dog will get exercise and engage in fun activities during their stay. Activities are chosen based on your dog’s preferences but may include a walk on our treadmills, play time with other dogs, socialization and play time with staff, or other fun activities. We offer a safe spot for your dog to spend the day doing the things your dog loves in an intimate environment. Your dog will have a kennel and bed of their own, and will be monitored and taken out for breaks by staff. We can also give mid-day meals, and administer medications, as needed.

Check out our Paws and Learn Club video




Our grooming services are exclusively located at our Thornydale location. Our services are divided into several main packages:

  • soldog bullet Grooming Package which includes the haircut, bath, brush, air dryer, nail trimming, ear cleaning, blueberry facial, teeth brushing, and anal gland expression. We recommend every six to eight weeks, especially for Shih Tzus, Teddy Bear cuts, Cockapoos, Poodles, Yorkies, Border Collies, and West Highland Terriers
  • soldog bullet Bath and Brush Package which includes the same services without any haircutting involved. We recommend this type of service for Pit Bulls, Huskies, German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Beagles and Labs
  • soldog bulletSee below for packages and add-ons.

We also offer packages to avoid itchy skin. Our two basic shampoos are hypoallergenic or oatmeal, but can be upgraded if you prefer a refreshing fragrance.

We keep our training philosophies and grooming services on the same page. Our groomers often partner with the trainer to help a dog having a hard time adapting to a groom. Sometimes the process takes longer than one or two sessions, but that is okay because the goal is to ensure the dog’s needs are understood and encouraged. A speedy groom is not our agenda at Sol Dog, a low stress groom is.

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Grooming FAQs

A: Absolutely. The process begins with booking an appointment with your Sol Dog account. To register, go to our website and find the blue square box that says “my account”.  You will have the opportunity, as a new customer, to create a new account. After filling out the required information, upload your dog’s vaccination paperwork (Rabies, Distemper Combination, and Bordetella). From there, you can request an appointment and select your service:“full package” for bath and haircut/trim or “Bath and brush” for naturally short-haired breeds that only require a bath (labs, pugs, pit bulls) We do not offer just a bath on breeds that do not have naturally short hair, and any other additional add-ons.

After the groomer reviews your requested appointment, she will confirm if the desired time is available. You will be asked to pay a deposit for the appointment.

On the day of your appointment, come prepared with ideas for your dog’s hairdo and/or some photos of past grooms or haircuts you enjoy. Our groomer will check you in, discuss any health concerns, and do an evaluation of your dog. If your dog is nervous, our groomer will sit with you and your pet to allow them to calm down. She will take your dog to their clean kennel, give them fresh water, finish checking in any other clients, and then take your pup to the bathing area.

Here, she will clean their ears, express their anal glands, and  brush their teeth, then begin the bathing process. After a towel dry, she will use the velocity dryer to remove any extra undercoat and make your pup as fluffy as possible. Their ears will be protected from the sound of the dryer with cotton.

After drying, she will begin the haircut. Your dog will be on the table secured with a grooming loop. They will never be left alone unattended.

If at any point the groomer feels your pet is getting too stressed, a break will be administered. If at any point aggression is displayed, the groomer will give your dog a break to decide whether or not to complete the service if the dog or groomer being at risk of being harmed.  After the haircut and nails are cut to perfection and all add-ons are administered. Some photos will be taken for your profile; your dog may even be a star on our social media pages! Our groomer will give you a call when the service is complete. A report on how your baby did will be emailed to you at the end of the day. 

A: Our groomer requests around three hours to complete services. 

A: At times, our groomer will take more than one dog at a time to accommodate drop-off and pick-up times for our clients. Some dogs require more breaks than others, while other dogs require more drying or brushing. Every dog requires a different level of care, and our groomer wants to ensure every dog feels the most comfortable while in the salon. 

A: Yes, all dogs will spend some time in the kennel while waiting for their bath and groom. If you prefer no kennel time for your pet, our Doggie Deluxe package guarantees your dog will be done straight through. These appointments, however, are limited. Please specify if this is something you are interested in.  

A: Every dog will be given clean water in their kennel. Treats will be given only with owners approval. Treats can help make grooming a positive experience. 

A: Absolutely, but “puppy cut” can mean different things to different customers! Our groomer will discuss your preferred haircut in detail to make sure you are receiving the service you desire. 

A: Matting is essentially equivalent to dreadlocks on humans; however, matting is usually not a choice. Matting occurs when the hair becomes so tangled that significant health issues can occur. Matting usually is very tight and close to the skin. While some matting can be brushed out, this process can be painful for your dog depending on the severity. Most matting can be spot shaved, but if the matting has spread through the entire body, it is recommended to go short and start over. Daily brushing with a metal comb and frequent trips to the groomer can help prevent matting. 

A: In most cases, if a metal comb can not be managed to get through the matting, shaving will need to be done. This will help keep your dog comfortable and healthy. 

A: While some groomers have different opinions on this, our groomer will accommodate our clients request only after discussing the health concerns shaving a double coat can create. Shaving a double coat will not reduce shedding, just make the hair shorter. The issue with shedding is the undercoat, but with frequent brushing or our Furminator Package, the undercoat can be managed. After shaving a double coat, your dog’s hair may not grow back the same; their coat could be patchy or thin. Shaving a double coat can also change how a dog regulates their natural body temperature. 

A: The process of grooming your dog is more in depth and more precautions are needed to ensure the safety of your animal. Groomers bathe, brush, dry, trim nails, express anal glands, clean and pluck ears, brush teeth, and cut hair per owner’s requests. Grooming services at this salon will be priced by weight, choice of package, and any additional services. 

A: Yes, the sooner a puppy starts getting used to the salon the better! Our groomer prefers to do partial packages on puppies to get them started before diving into full haircuts. This allows the puppy to get used to the sounds of the dryer and clipper. 

A: Yes! With your Sol Dog Lodge account, you can make an appointment for just a walk-in service. These services don’t require three hours, usually only 5-10 minutes. 

A: Tips are not required but always appreciated. 

A: Our groomer uses a variety of pet safe products. To reduce itchy and dry skin, our two main shampoos will be hypoallergenic and oatmeal. Our conditioner is an oat milk blend. If a client requests more fragrance, we will also have a lavender and argan oil shampoo for our two package upgrades. We also have three pet safe perfumes to use. 

A: Our groomer prefers to be considered a family dog stylist, meaning she is professionally trained but uses her skills towards the average family pup. 

A: Our Groomer states, “I totally understand your concern. I have devoted my life and career to making sure all pets in my care feel safe, loved, and respected. I promise to always treat your pet with the same love and compassion I show to my own dog. Please don’t hesitate to stop in to say hi or give me a call to address any specific concerns you may have.” 

We do not allow pet parents to stay in the facility during the grooming process. This creates a distraction to the dogs which raises a safety concern. It is very important that the pet is allowed to build a trusting relationship with their groomer as this is a process they will have to incur on a regular basis. 

“Can my dog come in for just a bath?”

If your pet is a naturally short-haired breed like a lab, pug, or pit bull, for example, we can absolutely do a “Bath and brush” service. If your pet requires a haircut or trimming of any kind such as a Shih Tzu, poodle, golden retriever, or border collie, etc. due to the amount of work required and the extra training that our bather has not yet received we do not offer our “bath and brush” package for dogs that require haircuts of any kind (even if they currently have short hair).

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DayCamp - Div hidden with CSS for now *******

This is no ordinary doggie day care! Sol Dog Lodge DayCamp will challenge your dog both mentally and physically, so they leave balanced, tired and having practiced important skills.

Activities will vary, but this is no “unstructured” day care — we will work to ensure your dog has tons of fun, but also help him or her learn to and practice behaving in a balanced, appropriate way. We offer both full day and half day options. You can purchase a daily pass, or save some money we offer a variety of packages. Check out our DayCamp packages by logging into your account. They are listed under the "Accounts" tab.

If you are a new customer, we require that you start with a Trial Day reservation to make sure our DayCamp is a good fit!

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